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Review: 1998 Pouy - L'Encantada

1998 L'Encantada Pouy (22 yr.) Binny's #100 - 56%

The Pouy estate was a husband and wife operation in the Tenareze region. This bottling was distilled by Patrick on a mobile still from Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes. Production has ceased at this domaine, but a handful of vintages have been released including a highly regarded 1998 #78 by Serge (WF 91). This cask was selected by Binny's.


Notes: Honeyed, jammy, floral - all that hits quick, but there's a lot of freshly sawn wood encroaching. Touch of maple syrup. On the palate, the wood tastes new. Dry lumber. There are florals, blueberries and honey up front - grassiness behind it. But the wood dominates the more delicate notes. Wax candies. Strawberry licorice. Structure is impressive - everything feels young and green - with the weight and integration totally supporting it.

Score: 6 (Solid) ABV is managed nicely. Clarity and structure are great. The wood is just too assertive and young for me to fully get behind it. It lands a little too close to small barrel, craft whiskey notes. The best parts here remind me of a young, 2001 Grosperrin Fins Bois from last month.


Rating System

10 - Reevaluate The Budget

9 - Stash Two (If Able)

8 - Stash One (At The Right Price)

7 - Highly Recommend It To Strangers

6 - Solid - Above Average

5 - Acceptable For The Situation

4 - Not Vocally Complaining

3 - Anything Else To Drink?

2 - Nothing Nice To Say

1 - Drain Pour

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