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Review: 1996 Clynelish 20 yr. Refill Sherry

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

1996 Clynelish 20 yr. (refill sherry) - Signatory - Winebow 2017 - 56.3%

With the exception of one young, cask strength, IB Clynelish, the distillery is a consistent hit for me. I dig it in Compass Box blends. I enjoy the teenage bottlings. Love it with sherry. In fact, another refill sherry from '96 put Clynelish on my bunker list. The distillate always brings a lot of character, plenty of fruit, a little funk and earth, and the wax of course. Certainly never boring. I'm a fan of the 14 year standard bottling as well. This bottle was an easy pick-up.


Nose: Delicate/nuanced. Apples. Barnyard. Vanilla. Apricot. Earthy and fungal. Cordial cherries. Toffee. Cacao. Old furniture.

Flavor: Pear. Strawberry hard candy. Vanilla cream. Baking spice. Oak and ash. Meaty and waxy into the finish.

Structure: Intense. Big and slow moving. Expansive in every direction. Finish is long and rolling.

Alcohol Integration: It’s got the right amount of attitude. Also swims great. Water highlights the burnt sugars, strawberry candy, chocolate notes, lengthens the finish, and integrates the palate. I like it both ways - dry or with a couple drops.

Score: 9 (Stash Two) The price was right so I stashed 3.


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Rating System

10 - Reevaluate The Budget

9 - Stash Two (If Able)

8 - Stash One (At The Right Price)

7 - Highly Recommend It To Strangers

6 - Solid - Above Average

5 - Acceptable For The Situation

4 - Not Vocally Complaining

3 - Anything Else To Drink?

2 - Nothing Nice To Say

1 - Drain Pour

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