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Notes: Victor Ramos - Jabali

Victor Ramos - Jabali - 50%

From Mezcal Reviews: Maguey jabali (Agave convallis) is extremely hard to work with. It foams and expands during fermentation and distillation, which has led to some stills being damaged during distillation as the spirit has seemingly exploded out of the seems of the still. This agave has a distinctly wild attitude, and many of the Jabali mezcals that can be found in Oaxaca (and not yet exported) are still somewhat chaotic and unrefined. Other names for Maguey jabali: Cuche; Lobo, Morono (Mixteca region of Oaxaca).

Victor Ramos produces mezcal in Miahuatlán, Oaxaca. His mezcal is frequently bottled under the Mezcaloteca/Mezcalosfera label and Mal Bien. His son, Emanuel Ramos, also produces great mezcal.


Notes: Nose is light - floral driven, wet stone. Palate is tight and reserved as well. Brief honey up front; mostly high-toned - minerals, pollen, white tea. Smoke to close out the finish. Very low heat, short finish.

Pour This For: Worth-a-shot crossover spirit for gin fans.

Score: 6 (Solid) Well composed. Handles the abv and top notes remarkable well for a higher proof, high-toned pour. Not my preferred style, but the quality is undeniable.


Rating System

10 - Reevaluate The Budget

9 - Stash Two (If Able)

8 - Stash One (At The Right Price)

7 - Highly Recommend It To Strangers

6 - Solid - Above Average

5 - Acceptable For The Situation

4 - Not Vocally Complaining

3 - Anything Else To Drink?

2 - Nothing Nice To Say

1 - Drain Pour

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