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Notes: 1970s Florio Amaro

1970s Florio Amaro - 34%

A Sicilian amaro, Florio - like most amari - is a closely guarded recipe that features 13 botanicals. Of note, Florio is rested in oak for 18 months and named after the Florio shipping company (which can be seen on the label).


Notes: The higher ABV and profile plays a bit like Fernet on the nose. Licorice. Mint. Citrus peel. The medicinal touch of a dentist office. Medium body. Gentle but complex structure. Orange forward. Eucalyptus. Cardamon. Licorice. Finish is long and full - playing both a low, medicinal bitterness and high mentholated notes.

Pour This For: Would play very well for people who enjoy light/medium styles - Vecchio Amaro del Capo, Amaro Nonino.

Score: 7 (Highly Recommend) Super refreshing sipper. Cocktails well. Plays down the middle without sacrificing complexity or structure.


Rating System

10 - Reevaluate The Budget

9 - Stash Two (If Able)

8 - Stash One (At The Right Price)

7 - Highly Recommend It To Strangers

6 - Solid - Above Average

5 - Acceptable For The Situation

4 - Not Vocally Complaining

3 - Anything Else To Drink?

2 - Nothing Nice To Say

1 - Drain Pour

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