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May be designed for any experience level. Spirits are selected with the Archivist to reinforce 

educational goals. 


Previous Courses

Small Batch Bourbon - Mordecai

An investigation of distinct flavor profiles for Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, and Wild Turkey through batched offerings from each distillery.

Bourbon 101 - Billy Sunday 

Survey of bourbon history with an emphasis on production methods and the laws the shaped them. 

Vintage Tequila - Hush Money 

The history of agave shortages, the rise of the diffuser, the effects on flavor: old school vs. contemporary. 

Find Your Perfect Proof - Women Who Whiskey

Exploration of high proof bourbon from sipping to cocktails, using dilution to dial in your perfect proof.

Rum 101 - Spirits Archivist

How to dip your toes in the funk, coming from bourbon and scotch.

Old and New - Mordecai 

Comparison of vintage and contemporary Four Roses: bourbon, blended whiskey, and 10 unique recipes.

East Coast Rye - Hush Money

Historical focus on the lost style of Monongahela Rye with emphasis on vintage bonded rye: Old Overholt, Dougherty's, Baltimore Pride, and Linfield.

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