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Part storytelling. Part deep-dive history. Full flavor. The Spirits Archivist creates social tasting experiences. Go beyond the marketing For a full-on-geek-out surrounding the history and production methods That Affect the flavor of your favorite booze. It's an immersion into the art of tasting that's less concerned with who’s smelling honeysuckle and more concerned with being present for whatever happens in the glass. Experiences are designed to foster discovery, bringing people together when life keeps them apart.


The Spirits Archivist

Drawing on over 20 years of professional beverage experience, from LA to Chicago, private clubs to award winning bourbon and cocktail bars, the Spirits Archivist will collaborate with you to craft unique beverage experiences wherever you are. Our services make for bespoke gifts, new avenues for coming together in an increasingly distant world.

Kristopher Peterson coordinates the beverage program for Mordecai (2018 Bar of the Year), and curates one of the country's largest vintage spirits collections at sister bar, Hush Money. Also a nationally award winning playwright and published author, he blends his passion for storytelling and performance with one-of-a-kind beverage experiences.


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